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Artemis' Boulder

Artemis had been pushing an enormous boulder up the side of a mountain for a great many years; decades to be precise. Not only was the boulder massive and heavy, it was also stubborn and awkward to manoeuvre, but Artemis persevered anyway.

The closer to the top of the mountain Artemis got, the heavier the boulder and the steeper the mountainside became, but Artemis persevered anyway. What drove Artemis to persevere? Well, Artemis was determined to reach the pinnacle, because it was what she and the boulder had agreed upon decades ago. It was a shared goal, so Artemis continued to push onwards, despite the pain and challenges, to make it happen.

The problem came however when, almost at the top, the boulder didn't want to go - or to be - at the top anymore. The boulder explained that he was tired from having been pushed all that way, over so many years, and was now resentful because he thought the view would be different. Disappointed with the view and resentful from having been pushed to the place he had initially wanted to go, the boulder made the decision to slide back down the mountainside - carelessly and remorselessly destroying all of the intricate footholds that had been created on the way up. Those who had cheered and supported the boulder's ascent, were now crushed and aghast by his willful descent.

Artemis was taken down the mountainside too, powerless to prevent the wanton and needless destruction of their progress and ambition. The boulder was resolute in his determination to roll back as far away from the summit - and everything that had been achieved, because he feared the great heights once available to him

And so the day came when the boulder and Artemis lay at the foot of the mountain, staring up at the carnage and debris. The boulder now, as he had always done, sat motionless and waiting to be pushed up a new mountainside, hoping the view would be better next time - little realising the view is only ever what you create it to be.

Artemis, now released from the debilitating and oppressive weight and magnitude of the boulder, chose to stand up and dust herself down, before beginning her fresh ascent up a new and picturesque mountainside. Now entirely unfettered, Artemis created new footholds, found new and powerful leverage points, and a clearer path to the top. And the view? Well, that will be whatever Artemis has envisioned it to be; watch this space!

- Not The End, Not By A Long Chalk -


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